“There is an artist imprisoned in each of us. Set him free to spread joy everywhere.” — Bertrand Russell

We’re familiar with the term micro-aggression, but what about micro-liberations or micro-exits? Fleeting moments in time when through mental or physical acts of creativity we feel liberated from the everyday world of work and feel our creative energy growing.

The aim of this blog is to catalogue my own attempts at micro-liberation from the world of work through my own esoteric interests in philosophy, literature, politics and economics, as well as my more formal academic interest in the impact of futuristic military technology on strategy.

In June 2021 I completed my PhD thesis entitled BMD under the radar? Explaining Labour's Ballistic Missile Defence Policy 1997 - 2010. A Strategic Relational Approach, which explored how the interaction between the UK's Special Relationship with the US at the international level and Labour's need to make itself more electable on defence issues at the domestic electoral level shaped the Labour government's integration of RAF Fylingdales and RAF Menwith Hill into the US's ballistic missile defence system.

I'm a Further Education college teacher by trade, and I can be found with my family in the wistful melancholia of the hills and moorlands of Brontë country in West Yorkshire.

I tweet at @ptjws and transmit an occasional Micro-Liberations podcast and vlog.