“There is an artist imprisoned in each of us. Set him free to spread joy everywhere.” — Bertrand Russell

Frank Moth's Falling with a Hidden Smile

We’re familiar with the term micro-aggression, but what about micro-liberations or micro-exits? Fleeting moments in time when through mental or physical acts of creativity we feel liberated from the everyday world of work and feel our creative energy growing.

Deleuze says that the job of philosophy is to invent new concepts. Let Micro-Liberations be my modest contribution. The first question is to ask, how can we escape from the mega-machine: this machine of capture which feeds on our energies and diverts them to its own ends? A start would be for us to liberate energy from work in order to pursue those univocal lines-of-flight we crave and experience the sheer joy of creation.

We could deterritorialise ourselves in a daydream: the slog of the office becomes the joy of thinking rhizomatically; that wonderful feeling of univocity we experience when insights are gleaned from the sudden realisation of the connection between seemingly unconnected things.

Then we move to an act of creation; by hand or by brain. Maybe what we create is a beautiful painting, a wonderful piece of prose, fix the plumbing to provide heating for a cosy home or master our bodies through dance or sport. In such a state, instead of just consuming, we become the producers of our own edification; as Stanley Kubrick said, “However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.”.

So let your micro-liberation, whatever form it takes, be yet another pinprick of starry inspiration in the infinite cosmos.